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Quality Data Recovery Services
Performed at our in House Lab.

              Steps to take to
            Recover Your Data

  1. Dont use the hard drive.

  2. If it is the only drive in the PC,
         shut down the computer.

  3. Contact Alpha Technologies
     Never be lost again!

        No more maps!!

       Track the movements
            of anything!!

       See where your kids
             go in your car!

Track your car, boat or fleet!!

Data Recovery
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Quality Web Development
  • what are the different kinds of websites?
  • what king of website is search engine friendly?
  • what can i do with a website?
  • how do I choose a site?
  • do i need a website?
  • how are html and flash sites different?
  • what are html and flash websites?
Professional Website
  Free website SEO
  • how much will I spend for  my website?
Alpha Technologies provides quality, infomative, interactive, functional websites for any business or personal application. Whether you want to drive your sales or keep your business contacts informed, a website is one of the most effective and cost productive measures any business can take to reach the next level of performance. 
  • what kind of website is search engine friendly?
Alpha Technologies has provided our clients with websites that are as functional as they are eye pleasing. Each one is tailored to our client's needs. Whether it be business or personal, all of our web packages come with quality regimented seo techniques that  are guareteed to get search results.

" With our combination of quality web design for an affordable price and quality hosting for a fantastic price, why not contact us today!! "

"a website is one of the most effective and cost productive measures any business can take to reach the next level of performance "
We offer a great assortment of designs for all applications including: business, personal, informative, resource, special events, weddings and more.
The Best Web Hosting On The Planet

Choose The Plan That Suits Your Needs
   Need a functional informative interactive
      website to promote your business?
         On a budget and not willing to
        spend $2000+ for a simple site?
  Quality Affordable
  • what is a website?