PC bases CCTV Surveillance systems have become very
popular in recent years.With the growing need to
secure businesses and homes, these systems
offer a cost effective way to secure and monitor a site.
Alpha Technologies carries a full line of home and
professional systems tailored for any application
Our technicians will professionally install and configure
the system to receive optimum security.

For business this means the road to greater productivity

CCTV Surveillance systems keep employees 'honest'. Not only does this apply to theft of company merchandise and equipment, it also curtails the number one detriment to greater production: Employee Time Theft. Todays business runs at a fast pace and employees are expected to carry a greater workload. The people charged to oversea these employees are also faced with a heavier load, and more often than not, dont have the time to effectively keep track of the lenghts of breaks, lunches, errands, and the common counterproductive art of socializing.

Prevent Employee Theft

Many people are shocked to find out that the number one reason for inventory shrinkage is employee theft. Employees handle your money. Employees handle your products. The temptation to take inventory is just too great for many workers. Employees are less apt to extend breaks and lunches. If an employee knows that they are monitored, socializing is cut to a minimum and produtivity grows.

Prevent Shoplifting

Video surveillance gives you the ability to watch both your customers and employees. Merchant losses continue to be a major problem and plague virtually every retail business from the small “Mom and Pop” store to the large chain store. Every year in Canada, it is estimated that over 3 billion dollars are lost to various criminal activities against merchants. Today shoplifting is considered one of the major sources of loss for the retail industry and costs the industry approximately  3 million dollars in daily losses. There is an average of 150 – thousand incidents of shoplifting in Canada daily, which takes a heavy toll on Canadian retailers. It is estimated that a shoplifter will steal an average of 50 times before finally getting caught and in the year 2000.

An Employee Training Tool

Video systems can be used to monitor employee behavior, not only for inventory loss issues, but for employee training as well. Employees can be monitored and deficiencies can be corrected before they become a problem.

Prevent Harassment

Harassment in the workplace can take various forms and not all of it is reported. Complaints about harassment in the workplace are becoming more common. How do you know who’s telling the truth? It is the responsibility of the  employer in Ontario to provide a harrassment free workplace. Video surveillance systems can record both video and audio and can be an indispensible tool.

Can Reduce Insurance Premiums and Taxes

Video observation systems can reduce your insurance premiums. Check with your insurance agent. Video security systems can also protect insurance companies against false claims. Businesses may be able to deduct the cost of the complete puchased system. This makes security system purchases 100% tax deductible for many companies.

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The first CCTV cameras used in public spaces were crude, conspicuous, low definition black and white systems without the ability to zoom or pan. Modern CCTV cameras use small high definition colour cameras that can not only focus to resolve minute detail, but by linking the control of the cameras to a computer, objects can be tracked semi-automatically. For example, they can track movement across a scene where there should be no movement, or they can lock onto a single object in a busy environment and follow it. Being computerised, this tracking process can also work between cameras.
Wireless CCTV Cost Benefits

Investing in a CCTV system doesn't have to be an expensive exercise. Traditional CCTV systems require fixed cables and this adds a large amount to the overall cost of the project. Not only that, if the system needs to be moved the cabling costs are incurred all over again.

A Wireless CCTV System from Alpha Technologies has all the benefits of a fixed CCTV system but comes with these added extras:

Rapid deployment
No geographical restrictions
Simple to install
Remote interrogation(with Voice option)
Dual transmission capabilities
Complete 4 Camera Systems Installed

From $750
Sharp CCD 30IR Camera
Cmos 30IR Camera
Sharp CCD Dome
Cmos Wireless Camera
Complete 4 Camera

     4 Cameras
     1 DVR Card
From $600  Installed
Cmos 30IR Camera
Sharp CCD 45IR Camera
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    CCTV &  Pool Safety

One of the many trageties of our world is the preventable injury and in severe cases death of young unsupervised children who somehow managed to find thier way into a swimming pool. Although there are many safety precautions that are meant to keep the little ones protected, lets face one undissputable fact.

There is no way you can safely monitor all children all the time!

This is the major reason why pools have fences around thier perimiter. Young children are just not aware of the great dangers around swimming pools. Every summer childrens lives are taken needlessly. The real tragedy is that in all but the rarest cases, these injuries and deaths are preventable. In almost all of the cases, an adult was home at the time but tragically had no idea what was happening to thier child.

Alpha Technologies is committed to pool safety for children. Fences are an excellent safety feature but they are not foolproof. Fences can be opened and left open ( as I have far too often witnessed ). This is why a single CCTV camera run by your PC can be an indispensible safety addition for pools. 

The CCTV camera is mounted with a clear unobstructed view of the entire swimming pool. The placement of the camera is of utmost importance. The entire pool, gates and other immediate entrances to the pool must be in full view of the camera.
Once the camara is installed correctly, it runs off your PC or Laptop. You will be able to monitor the pool by watching your PC screen.

Of course, if you can't watch your children all the time, you're certainly not going to be able to watch a PC monitor all the time!

This is where the configuration of the cameras come into the picture. Once the camera is in place, a technician will configure the sensitivity of the cameras view. Simply, the picture on the camera is processed and monitored by software which recognises changes in the picture and starts recording or sets off an audible alarm.

Imagine you look at a photograph of your pool. You can see all the detail of almost all aspects of the scene. The CCTV camera is much the same. It casts it's unceasing eye on your pool perimiter. The camera has the capability to recognise even the most minute changes  in it's view such as rain, leaves, small rodents and animals. We are not concerned with the rain and such but you get the picture.

When a child or as a matter of fact anyone or anything comes into the view of the camera, the pixels on the cameras picture change and the unit starts recording and emmits a loud buzzer warming anyone in the area  that there may be trouble.

Keep in mind that the PC or Laptop has to be running for the camera and alarn to work. All CCTV security systems should run 24/7
for around the clock protection of your kids and others in the neighberhood. You also can monitor whenever you please but a regimented security schedule is strongly suggested.

Above all, use common sense when dealing with any hazards to children and everyone will have happy trails.

More Tips For Pool Safety
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